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When you connect directly to the Egrowr, you have acces to its 24h internal memory. All measurement older than 24h back are replaced by the latest measurement.

When in Cloud mode, the Egrowr send measurement every 5-6 minutes to our servers and data are stored there for 3 months.

Yes, you need to open the right port on your router (please contact the Egrowr support), adapt the firewall and have a fixed WAN IP. Then you just have to enter the WAN IP in the Egrowr app to connect from outside. Please note that you can only have access to the last 24h measurements saved on the Egrowr's internal memory. You won't be able to receive notification without a Cloud subscription.

Climate probe, EC probe and exention cable can be extended with 3.5mm stereo jack extender.

The pH probes cable can be extended with a BNC extention cable, however it is not recommended as the signal coming from the pH probe is very weak. The shorter the cable is, the more accurate the measurements will be.


The pH probe is a very sensitive device and can be affected by electromagnetic noise emitted by lights or pumps
1. Try to move the probes cables away from each other and away from any other power cables.
2. try to switch off all appliances one by one to check which appliance can cause disturbance. Then put it further away from the pH probe.
3. The pH probe is not watertight above the blue part. Do not submerge it above the blue part level.

Check your router setting:
1. make sure that the DHCP server is configured properly.
2. use WPS is possible to avoid key typing error.
3. make sure the signal strenght is high enough and bring the Egrowr closer to the router if not.

A climate probe that got wet will will probably give less accurate humidity measurements. However it usually can work properly
1. Rince it with RO (distilled) water or tap water. 2. let it dry for 24-48h.

Check the WiFi signal on your Egrowr screen:
Press "WiFi" button, then "menu" button.
The value displayed should be greater than -80 dBM, otherwise the signal is too weak for the connection to be stable

API and interface

The Egrowr monitor’s readings can be collected by a computer present on the same local network.

A computer having an Internet access can also collect data from outside if the right ports are redirected on the router’s firewall.

A python script and an executable (.exe) file are available in the download section.

Each interface can be executed in command line by a Windows, Mac or Linux machine (such as a Raspberry Pi) and delivers a JSON string containing the readings and other information coming from the Egrowr monitor.

Some computer science knowledge is needed to make these programs work properly.